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"Simplify, Secure, Thrive: Streamlined Paperwork Policy for a Stress-Free Psychiatry Experience."

Paperwork Policy:

We understand the importance of paperwork related to disability or work and have therefore established a comprehensive policy to ensure their timely completion and to provide adequate assistance to our clients. To facilitate this process, it is mandatory to schedule an appointment with your provider. Please read, initial, and sign your Treatment Information & Consent Form to acknowledge our paperwork policy.

Section 504 Compliance:
In accordance with Section 504, school districts are required to provide Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to eligible students with physical or mental impairments. To facilitate this, a release of information must be signed, and appointments can be scheduled to complete formal letters/504 letters. Please allow a period of 10-15 business days for the completion of these letters.

FMLA Paperwork:
For the completion of Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) paperwork, appointments are necessary. Please allow a period of 10-15 business days for the processing of this paperwork. It is important to note that patients must have an established relationship with the provider for at least six months, and a release of information is required.

Disability Paperwork:
Please be informed that we do not provide Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability paperwork.

VA Paperwork:
For the completion of various VA paperwork, such as Nexus Letter and DBQ Form, a release of information to the VA with the fax number to your VA counselor is required. Appointments can be scheduled for this purpose. Please allow up to 45 business days for the completion of any VA paperwork.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to our paperwork policy. Your understanding and collaboration enable us to provide efficient and effective services.

"Empowering You Through Transparency: Navigating Paperwork with Clear Policies and Collaborative Care."

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