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Genetic-driven treatment

What is Medication Management?


Our medication management service utilizes genetic-driven pharmacotherapy to provide patients with personalized treatment plans for various psychiatric conditions.


We are dedicated to providing high-quality care to our patients. If you're ready to take the next step towards better mental health, let's work together to achieve your goals.


At our practice, we focus on providing patient-centered care and medication management to individuals seeking relief from mental health conditions. Our customized treatment plans are designed to meet each patient's unique needs. Whether you require a medication adjustment, a new prescription, or help managing side effects, we are here to help you on your mental wellness journey.


At Tranquility Behavioral Health we understand the importance of medication management in reducing and managing psychiatric symptoms.  We work closely with patients to identify the appropriate medication and dosage for their individual needs. With proper medication management, patients often experience a significant reduction in symptoms and an improvement in overall quality of life.

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