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Medication Refill



Please be advised that we do not refill medications over the phone, via fax, or by regular email.

 You must have a regularly scheduled visit in order to receive the proper medication refills.  

If you have MISSED, CANCELED, or NO-SHOWED for your appointment, we reserve the right to refuse your request.

Calls or Faxes from pharmacies will not be honored and is not an acceptable form of requesting a refill.


All medication refills or any medication adjustments require an appointment.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!


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If you lose your prescription, you must have a police report.  


If this is a controlled substance, we will NOT refill those medications.  We reserve the right to refuse any refill.  

Please be mindful of securing your medications when traveling.

Prescription Medication

Controlled Substances

If you are on a controlled substance, you can only refill 30 days from the date that you last filled your medication.  


We will not authorize any early refills.  If you run out of your controlled substance, we will not refill without an appointment.  


All patients on controlled substances are required to be seen on a monthly basis to receive a refill.

All patients are required to have one annual in-person visit to continue receiving controlled substances.   

Stomach Ache



If you are having a severe medication reaction, please proceed to the nearest emergency room or call 911.  


We are usually able to see you for an emergency visit the same day during our normal business hours to make medication adjustments.


If you have any questions or concerns, please click the link at the bottom of the page to message the nurse and/or request a refill.

Click the button below to request a refill.

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