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"Virtual Care At your Fingertips!"

Convenience at your fingertips. 

You don't have to wait in the waiting room.

You can wait in the convenience of your home or any space that makes you comfortable. 

Enjoy the privacy of quality mental health services at home, at work, in your car, or in a cafe!

Relax and let us bring mental health care to you!

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Benefits of Telepsychiatry

You can access services from anywhere in the State of Texas and Colorado.

You can be on vacation, traveling to see family, at work, in your car, and/or working away from home. 

You don't have to wait in traffic. 

Access care from anywhere!

Don't get stuck in traffic!

No need to take time off from work!

How Does Telepsychiatry Work?

You must be a resident of the State of Texas and/or Colorado and must consent to Telepsychiatry services.

Must have access to an internet connection.

We will send you a link to your email or phone.

We can also use face time, google duo, or telephone call if we are unable to connect.

Please enable your microphone and camera 

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We use
to facilitate our visits

Learn more about UPDOX by clicking the name.

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