In the Classroom


Test of Variables in Attention 

What Is TOVA?

1. It provides healthcare professionals with the necessary tools to objectively measure attention and inhibitory control 


2. It is an FDA approved medical device


3. Can be used to evaluate ADHD or ADD in ages 4+ to 80  


4. Accurate and immediate results


5. Interpreted on-site at our office after completion


1. Eat a good breakfast (no coffee)

2. Get a good night's rest

3. Do not take any ADHD medications 24 hours prior to testing

4. Relax we are here to help

5. Be prepared to be in our office for up to 2 hours 

What To Expect?

1.  We will come and get you for your testing from the waiting room

2.  We will explain the testing to you prior to starting the testing

3.  The nurse practitioner will stay in the room to observe while you are testing

4.  You will be prompted to exit the room once the testing is completed

5.  You will need to make an appointment to see your provider to review the results